WMS – Goods Issuing Process- Overpicking

This article gives an idea of how overpicking can be handled within goods issuing processes:

For article WINE004, the following license plates are on stock:

According to the sales order position, a quantity of 122 bottles should be shipped. This quantity should be over picked by three bottles (so, 125 bottles should be shipped in total).

To execute the over picking, it must be enabled in various forms:

Sales order line:

Mobile device menu item:

The sales order line is released to the warehouse which leads to the creation of a work that involves picking from various storage locations in the bulk area:

On the mobile device, the “Single Stage Picking” operation is used again to start the work by scanning the work ID:

The first license plate (full pallet) is scanned:

The target license plate (LP00054) is entered. Before the second license plate is scanned, click on button “Over pick”:

The quantity is increased to five bottles:

Then the work is finished after scanning the second license plate (125 bottles have been picked):