TMS – Automatic Freight Cost Calculation and Assignment to a Load

A sales order with two sales lines has been created. It is important that the delivery term which is assigned to the customer has checkbox “add transportation charges to orders” enabled.

The sales lines are reserved (which is important for wave and work creation and execution):

Now, a new load is created from form “load planning workbench“. Two sales lines are marked and transferred to a new load:

The load template is chosen and the data is confirmed:

Now, the load is visible in form “Transportation Management à Loads à All Loads”:

By clicking on button “Rate route workbench”, freight costs of individual shipping carriers can be determined:

  • Button “Rate”: the shipping carrier with the lowest price is identified automatically
  • Button “Rate Shop”: all shipping carriers that offer a price for the specific load are identified and displayed. Remark: The checkbox “Hide exceptions” is activated as we only want to see shipping carriers for which the freight cost calculation was made without errors.

By clicking on “Rate shop”, the system identifies three shipping carriers that offer a price:

The company decides to operate the load using carrier “LWA (LKW Walter)”, confirming this with button “Assign”. The freight costs have now been assigned to the load.

Button “Routes” gives us the possibility to check the freight costs that have been assigned to the load:


For this load, the freight costs are 165 USD:

After the work has been executed and completed, the outbound shipment can be confirmed which changes the status of the load to “Loaded”:

By confirming the shipment, a freight bill record has been generated on the one hand:

On the other hand, the freight costs of 165 USD have been apportioned among the sales order positions based on the quantity:

First sales order position: (165/150*100) = 110 USD

Second sales order position: (165/150*50) = 55 USD