WMS – Raw material consumption

This article describes how to set up and proceed raw material consumption. Within Dynamics 365 for finance and operations there are two different processes of how raw material can be consumed:

  • Raw material picking via works
  • Direct consumption by scanning license plates to a production order

1.1 Raw Material Picking: Setup

1.1.1 Warehouse Management –> Setup –> Work –> Work Classes

To define which location should be available for raw material picking, a location type can be defined in a specific work class. For our example, the work class “100 Raw” with the location type “Raw” has been defined. If no location type is entered, all location types are valid.


1.1.2 Warehouse Management –> Setup –> Work –> Work Templates

Work templates specify how  works (work header and work lines) are generated by the system within the “release to warehouse” function:


1.1.3 Warehouse Management Setup –> Waves –> Wave Templates

Wave templates are set up to specify if waves are processed manually or automatically and determine how the work is generated for a warehouse when a wave is processed. The setup indicates how the wave is generated and if work is created manually or automatically.

1.1.4 Warehouse Management –> Setup –> Location Directive

To determine from which location the system picks and puts raw material license plates, two location directives are defined.

The location “001” is defined as general production location and is set up in the query as putting action:



1.1.5 Warehouse Management –> Setup –> Mobile device –> Mobile device menu items

To supply license plates to the production area the menu item “Raw material picking” with following setting has been generated:


1.1.6 Warehouse Management –> Setup –> Mobile device –> Mobile device menu

The menu item was assigned to the mobile device menu “Production”:

1.1.7 Bill of Material –> Setup –> Flushing principle

To post the picking list of picked license plates when a production orders starts, the flushing principle of the BOM or formula line has to be set to “Start”.

1.2 Raw Material Picking: Process Simulation

1.2.1 Bill of material –> Batch reservation

After the creation of the production order, the desired raw material batch can be reserved automatically from the system or manually by the user in the production bill of material with the function “Batch reservation”:


Only if raw material is reserved, the system generates a work automatically with the release of the production order.

1.2.2 Release of the production order and creation of work

When the production is released, the system creates a work for the reserved material and executes the wave process as it is defined in the wave template:


The work is displayed in “All works” or can be opened from the production order by “Warehouse” –> Work details”:


As it is displayed in the screenshot below, the system has created the work “DPA-000001” with two lines. The first line represents the picking action from the warehouse location “002”, which is assigned to the location profile “raw”:

Before the scanning process starts, the report “Work report” can be printed out:

If some raw material reservation is added or deleted, it is possible to repeat the process with the function “Release to warehouse”.

1.2.3 Picking raw material license plate via scanner

The next process step is to pick up the raw material license plate from the location “002” and put it to the location “001” within the scanning module. It is necessary to open the mobile device and to log in as it is defined in the worker settings:

Choose the element “Raw material picking” and scan the created work:


The next step is to scan the license plate and confirm it with “OK”. The putting information can be opened via function “Done”:


Within the putting form, it is possible to confirm the license plate and the location or to change it with function “Override Loc”. Afterwards the work is completed:


The work and the work lines are now finished and 25 KG of the license plate LP00000001 have been picked:


As it is displayed in the transactions the raw material is now picked.

1.2.4 Start production and posting picking list

After the production order is started the picking list is posted with following settings:


With posting of the picking list, the raw material transaction is now posted financially.

1.3 Direct Material Registration: Setup

1.3.1 Warehouse Management –> Setup –> Mobile device –> Mobile device menu items

To consume raw material license plates directly without the work process, it is possible to set up the predefined indirect menu item “Register material consumption” and assign it to the mobile device menu:


1.4 Direct Material Registration: Process Simulation

At beginning of the scanning process, it is necessary to enter the production order number:

After that, the license plate which should be consumed can be scanned directly without having created a work beforehand:



The last step is to control and and post the picking list which is assigned to the production order. The picking list journal has been created automatically during the scanning process. If you already click “Done” in the mobile device, the journal is also posted: