WMS – Warehouse Filter Codes

This chapter describes how to set up filters and filter groups for filter codes. A filter is associated with a filter code and it can be used to categorize items in the item handling, purchase, and sales processes. For example, for item handling you can use filters to make sure that heavy products are always located on the ground floor in a warehouse location. For purchase and sales processes, you can make specific items available for specific customers or vendors.

1.1 Product filters

1.1.1 Warehouse Management –> Setup –> Product Filters –> Product filters

Product filters can be set up using four different attributes or characteristics that can be assigned to a product (Code 1, Code 2, Code 3, Code 4). In our example

  • Code 1 is used to describe the class for hazard goods
  • Code 2 is used to indicate the internal danger classification of products

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